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If there's one thing I love doing outside of Diving and Photography is educating people about the amazing world we live in and the incredible life we live alongside of, and I have been speaking in public for large audiences for a number of years. I have delivered talks both in person and over a form of online class, either live or pre-recorded. I've mainly delivered talks on Sharks, their Biology, behaviour, and their conservation but also delivered talks on Scuba Diving and what it is I do at Blue Planet Aquarium as a Shark Diver. 

My job as a Shark Diver and former Visitor Services Presenter at Blue Planet Aquarium has given me extensive experience in delivering a range of talks and presentations and I have delivered this in a number of circumstances fit for all ages. I have spoke about the British coastline, and the adaptations that Starfish and Crabs have to survive in these tough environments, to guests as young as 4-5, and have delivered talks that engage the young adults who come on trips from High Schools, Colleges and Universities. 

Being able to educate the public on some of the amazing natural wonders that our planet has is one of the greatest feelings as you're helping the minds of those listening to gain a better understanding of how amazing our planet is and how we must better protect what we have, before its lost forever.

If you're interested in having me for a talk or presentation please feel free to get in contact with me through the contact form at the bottom of this page or on the Homepage, and simply outline what it is you would like me to talk about and also who its going to be for.

I look forward to hearing from you and to delivering your talk.


Donovan Lewis

Thanks! Message sent.

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